DanGødning A/S

DanGødning A/S is a Danish producer of liquid fertilizers founded in 1991 by a group of visionary agricultural dealers. Liquid fertilizers were at that time a new way of fertilization. By supplying nutrients as liquids, many of the limitations related to solid fertilizers could be avoided, hence the strategy of the founders was to use the advantages of liquid fertilizers to supply precise and tailormade solutions to Danish agriculture.

The liquid fertilizer technologies have developed a lot since then and products and technologies to apply liquid fertilizers are different today. Especially the development of precision technologies and new environmental regulations, makes the advantages of liquid fertilizers even more clear today than they were in the nineties. The vision of DanGødning today is to supply precise, tailormade and environmentally friendly solutions to modern agriculture.  

The business areas, including the sister company, JMO 2000 ApS cover:

  • Liquid bulk fertilizers to agriculture.

  • Rental of tank storages to other products than fertilizers.

  • Micronutrients to agriculture.

  • Horticultural fertilizers for greenhouses.

  • Fertilizers for amenity and consumer markets.

  • Industrial nutrient solutions for Bioenergy Plants, Air Cleaning etc.

  • Toll manufacturing of specialty products.

DanGødning A/S operates four fertilizer terminals in Aalborg, Fredericia, Nykøbing Falster and Rødbyhavn. This allows to supply farms in all parts of Denmark in a fast and efficient way during the season. The head office is in Fredericia, which is also the production site for specialty products.

DanGødning A/S employs in 2024 15 full time employees. 

Fredericia, February 2024.